FEELFELT {Amandla Awethu}
Instruments Played
Acoustic 6-string guitar; Acoustic 12-
string guitar; Electric guitar;
Electric bass; Piano/synthesizer;

If her original music must be described in
one word, it could be:
She creates songs which combine
euphonious chordal, rhythmic guitar work
with a distinctively powerful, moving
voice.  When she manipulates her guitar
into alternate tunings, such a unique, rich
sound is created that the listener is
compelled to feel, not just analyze.  
The epic journeys contained in each song
are interesting unpredictable rides with
peaks and valleys, keeping the listener
entranced by the aural scenery.  Then,
adding her voice as a melodious
instrument, the experience is raised to a
whole new level.  She carries a unique
tone which traverses an inspiring range,
exuding soul and passion.  In
performance, one encounters a spirit
who fully engages the listener and won’t
let go until the spell has been sung to
Recently, her live shows have evolved
into a multi-sensory experience,
incorporating her original acoustic and
techno songs with aural, visual, olfactory
and tactile stimuli.
All My Wiles [live 4.21.11]
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Uprising (cover of Muse song)
Lost Cause
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Late Bloomer (a poem)/Great Demise
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