NEW! Mine'd is now Felt. Scroll to learn more.

NEW! Mine'd is now Felt. Scroll to learn more.

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Real advice from top therapists and experts who have been there. Join others that have felt just like you.

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Why Felt

Relationships are hard. We feel you.

Relationships are hard. And the feelings they bring up? Even harder. Through interactive courses, live coaching and community support from people who get it, we'll teach you the relationship skills that you never learned in school.

We keep it real. No BS or reading from a textbook. Our Felt experts are the top therapists and relationship coaches in the world, but most importantly - they are human beings who have felt exactly what you’re feeling right now. They got through, and so will you.


Come on in. Felt is where your feelings make sense. 

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The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. From boundaries to breakups, Felt will teach you everything you need to know so that your romantic, familial and social relationships can thrive.

24/7 relationship coaching, anywhere, anytime. Join a Felt course, tune into of our 15+ weekly live sessions or watch over 1,500 on-demand series to help you navigate whatever you’re feeling.

Your feed doesn’t feel you, but we do. Get support from others, stay accountable to your healing and remember you’re not alone.

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Hear From Our Founders

From Our Heads to Our Hearts

Two years ago, we set out on a mission to help folks celebrate emotional wellness in the most accessible way possible. We brought together the world’s best thought leaders, coaches, therapists, and doctors to help our incredible members navigate some of life’s most challenging moments. We have been incredibly lucky to have helped over 100,000 people over the last two years, and we are so excited to continue our mission.

As we have evolved, we began to ask ourselves, in what way could our company be most helpful to the world? There are plenty of mind, meditation, and mental health companies — but at the root of it all, what makes us deeply human is our ability and desire to feel deeply and be deeply felt.

So with that in mine’d (see what we did there), we have decided to move from a THINKING company, to a FEELING company.

Mine’d is now officially FELT.

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Our Team

Top Therapists, Coaches and Thought Leaders

Mark Groves

Human Connection Specialist

Shadeen Francis

Sex & Relationship Therapist

Kylie McBeath

Sacred Activist

Vienna Pharaon

Marriage and Family Therapist

Sylvester McNutt III

Author & Podcaster

Dr. Jeremy Goldberg

Recovering Scientist

Jennifer Pastiloff

Listener, Connector, Shame-Buster

Branden Collinsworth

High Performance Coach

James Silvas

Mindset Specialist

Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Clinical Psychologist

Donovan Taylor Hall

Speaker & Youth Advocate

Moe Ari

LGBTQIA+ Celebratory Therapist

Connect with Experts

Such a great tool to experience the beauty of human connection

I can only speak for myself but thank you to all the collaborators who made this happen and to all you brave people who are willing to be open and vulnerable on permanent internet record for the sake of helping others.

Ashley S.

This app is what the world needs

This app is beautiful because it provides opportunity for instruction, discussion and community all on the subjects. The experts on this app offer so many beautiful insights from a variety of perspectives, and they do a wonderful job in the live sessions.

Jennifer F.

So grateful for putting this out in the world

The things I’ve picked up on this app have even helped me break through a few places my therapist and I had gotten stuck. Just having that different view or way of seeing something from some of the amazing people on here has helped put context around topics I couldn’t seem to break through.

Teressa G.

The future generation of advanced emotional intelligence

Amazing to see so many people I have found inspiring and comforting over the years all together in one place. I am going to share the heck out of this and lucky are the ones who partake!

Jannet M.

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